Hello, friends! Today, I have a really fun card to share with you. It’s an interactive, light-up card! As soon as I saw this adorable Merry & Bright stamp from the new House-Mouse Holiday Collection, I just knew that it was time to finally use the EZ-Lights that have been sitting in my drawer for over a year. Every time I had opened that drawer, I was reminded that I needed to find the right project to test them out. And, this was it! It was even easier to use the lights than I expected. You can see the card come together in my latest YouTube video. You can view that below or CLICK HERE to go directly to YouTube. 



Note: all supplies are linked to multiple sources in the thumbnails at the end of this blog post.

For my card today, I used the EZ-Lights that have 3 separate lights attached, which is why I immediately thought of them when I saw this mouse hanging from the string of 3 Christmas lights! If you had an image with two things that you wanted to light up, then you could just cut off one of the bulbs from this particular EZ-Light. They’re really so easy to use, and it was fun to finally make something. One thing I did learn for next time is that I probably want to cut a larger hole for the light to show through. I think I would have been able to achieve more of a colored light effect if I had done that. Or, this just occurred to me: maybe if I had just offset the little bulbs themselves from the actual holes, that would have done the trick. Don’t get me wrong, though. I am absolutely thrilled with how it turned out, and I know that whoever I choose as the recipient of this card will adore it. 

By the way, I used my ZIG brush markers to color this little mouse. For the lights, I used 029 and 022 for the reds, 050 and 051 for the yellows, and 031 and 032 for the blues. For the light strand, I used 040 and 044. For the body of the mouse, I used 904 and 901. For the face, I used 074, 076 and 064. For the tail, feet and other pink details, I used 028.

I did add the little black marks at the end of each bulb with a black pen. I just wanted to give it a little more detail, but I do love the clean and simple look of the card. I think it makes the lights even that much more of a surprise! I hope this card puts a smile on your face today. Have you tried adding lights to any of your cards? Let me know in the comments. Thanks for visiting today. 

Wishing you all a crafty day,



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  1. Very cute card. This one looks like it’s simple. I have seen some where the wiring kind of made my head spin and I discarded any hope of ever making this type of card. Thanks for re-encouraging / re-empowering me. I love House Mouse stamps, too. I have a bunch that have lights on them w/ the mice.
    Lori S in PA

    1. Thanks for the comment, Lori! It really was easy. I do think I will do it differently next time, but that doesn’t mean that I did it “wrong” or that it was hard. I am looking forward to doing it again, so now it’s just a matter of keeping my eye out for another product to use the lights with. Honestly, it’s no harder than making a traditional shaker card.

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